Law of Attraction & the Crystals’ power


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“Program the Crystals” and let the Universal Energy assist you! Now you can program your crystals with your goals to achieve and let the crystals work for you!

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  • Everything is Energy
  • Energy & Universe
  • Mineral world and energy
  • Water and vibrations (Masaru Emoto)
  • Why should we use crystals
  • Attraction and manifestation
  • Your thoughts determine your life
  • Use of crystals for vibrational alignment
  • The metaphysical and energetic qualities of quartz crystals
  • Knowing the suitable crystals to program
  • How to test the crystal to be programmed
  • Your crystal to program
  • How to let a programmed crystal work
  • How to feel your crystal energy
  • How to find your own crystal
  • Cleaning of the crystal to be programmed
  • Program the crystal for your purpose/goal
  • Attraction with crystals and conclusion

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