Love Coaching – Relationships Coaching

We live in a particular age as far as interpersonal and emotional relationships regards.


The society changed during these recent decades and it is not always prepared for this large new number of single, divorced, childless people. Frustration can be transformed into satisfaction through the Love Coaching.


  • do you often meet the same kind of partners?
  • do you often meet the same kind of problems?
  • do you meet people who cut the relationships off? 
  • do you leave the partner or the contrary?
  • do you think that the others or your friends are the lucky ones? 
  • do you meet already engaged people who give you little space
  • do you think to be misunderstood by the opposite sex?
  • do you feel you get less love than you are willing to offer? 
  • do you still trust in men/women or not?
  • are you scared to fail?
  • do your relationship start great but then they wreck? 
  • did you meet many people but no one of them was the right one?

It’s time to change your story! Through Love Coaching you can change the mental schemes which lead you to repeat the same old relationships. It’s time to understand that the clue is not outside but inside you. You’re not to blame. You just have to change the unconscious mental dynamics which continuously lead you to the same situations or what you fear the most.

You’ll get a new trust in yourself and the others, trust in the love you can give and receive.


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Try another pair of glasses, in order to see your sentimental future in a different way. Above all, it’s important to work on your mental and emotional state and unconscious biases. How many times did you do something just to please other people? Or maybe you found yourself in situations you didn’t like just to unconsciously get approval or love from others. Everybody didattica it, don’t worry if it happened to you too.


How many times maybe you pushed away a new experience to avoid suffering again? It’s important to communicate with your subconscious, understand what you expect and what you think to deserve. Then, we’ll change your limiting mental states.


Maybe you just need to trade your limiting and self-protective beliefs with new empowering mental states based on trust, openness, reception, acceptance and love.


Mistakes do not exist but experiences do. These are the experiences that help growth and learning, in order not to repeat the same old stories.


Even if you had the so-called “wrong” stories, you never wasted time: each moment of your life is useful for your personal growth. Every story is a new experience.


First of all, it’s necessary to learn to love yourself before being loved. If you don’t love yourself, how can you hope that another can love you?

It seems so easy, but the lack of self-trust, self-love, self-esteem and self-acceptance afflicts our age.

We see this in the historical moment that we are going through in relation to the feelings and the family, new for our society and that did not exist until 30 or 40 years ago.

Today people who at 30-40 or even 50 years and sometimes beyond are without their own family are many, and often after some failed attempts (marriages, cohabitations, engagements, relationships etc…) they find themselves living in solitude between home and work and a few friends.


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First of all it’s important to bring balance into your life and understand what you really want for yourself without external conditioning. Interferences from others are often damaging. They appear as advices for good, but they actually distance you from “YOUR true feeling”.  And you’re the only person in the world who knows what’s right for you. What you need is to come back and listen to yourself inside, like you did naturally when you were a child. And you know you could do it very well. It was all spontaneous and natural. As a child you clearly knew what you liked and what you needed. Then you grew up and, among the many “no, don’t do it, this is fine, this is not good, you have to do this, you don’t have to do this, this is not right for you, this is right!”, you learnt that the voices outside yourself were more important than your inner one, the little voice that comes from your heart.

You probably felt that you could not do the things you liked but “had to” do the things you didn’t like and without many explanations you lent yourself to accomplish what was most convenient for your survival at that time.


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Maybe you’ve been taught to fulfill others’ expectations rather than your ones. Perhaps as a child you were taught that love is deserved and you did everything to prove that you deserved it and you accomplished others’ expectations to trade them with love and acceptance.

No one is to blame. We all look for love and we do it the way we think is right. All human beings protect themselves from suffering and the price to pay is loneliness or difficulties while trying to change when a relationship doesn’t work.

Let’s learn how to change our mental schemes through LOVE COACHING and have the sentimental life you wish and deserve.



  • Online Skype Sessions
  • Email Sessions


4 LOVE COACHING PLANS, you can choose the best for you:

1) TEST COACHING – 1 online Session – 1 hour test session

2) SILVER PLAN – 3 online Sessions (1 hour session every 10 days)  – 1 month plan – Perfect to try and test the Coaching strength.

3) GOLD PLAN – 5 online Sessions (1 hour session every 10 days) – Perfect for a good coaching path – 2 months plan – It’s the most requested.

4) PLATINUM PLAN – 10 online Sessioni (1 hour session every 10 days) – 3 months plan – The best coaching path: important tools and resources to change and achieve your goals.