Monica Giovine

She’s from Milan, she comes from a creative an artistic world. Trainer since 30 years, recognized by AIF, Italian Trainers Association.

Professional Life Coach & Trainer Coach, NLP Master Coach, NLP Master certified by the American Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming by Richard Bandler. She trained with the best trainers in the world in the field of personal growth.

NLP Life Coach, Business Coach for freelancers and companies, trained with ABTG and T.Harv Eker.

As Relationships Coach, she brought in Italy the “Affective Matrix” method and she founded the Relations Coaching Academy.




She lived, studied and worked since the 80s in London, New York and Tokyo.

She’s a psychosomatic naturopath and Master Reiki since 1994. Holistic Operator and Master in Holistic Sciences applied to Wellness accredited by R.E.O.O. European Register of Holistic Operators, followed by several Holistic Certifications. She gets every day lots of messages full of gratitude and testimonials from her clients and students.

She founded 3 Training Schools of personal growth and Bionatural Disciplines, partner schools of the E-Learning platform OlisMultimedia Academy.


What we can do together


✔️ I believe in the wonderful person you are free from “not your” unconscious beliefs which can take you away from your dreams and goals. Finally free from others’ expectations of you and social conditionings. 

✔️ Thanks to Professional Life & Personal Coaching , fears and guilt can turn into emotional freedom and problem-solving: all is built on purpose for you.

✔️ With Business Coaching you’ll be able to fulfill your potential, discover your real wishes, pursue your talents both in your personal and professional life and be successful in your business.

✔️ Through Relationships Coaching we can understand and fix your relationship status working effortlessly on your emotions matrix.

✔️ Professional courses in Personal Growth and Courses in Holistic Disciplines, certified and accredited by R.E.O.O. European Register of Holistic Operators at the Holis Multimedia Academy.


Your goals are my mission


You goal is my mission. Professionalism and passion. A whole life dedicated for helping people in pursuing their goals in both personal and professional life.


30 Years of professional training experience. 8 Holistic Centers run in 30 years. Founder of 3 Training Schools internationally accredited.


More than 20.000 live courses in 30 years of training. More than 1.500 hours of certified  credits in holistic cultures and more than 1.500 hours of credits in personal growth.


Ongoing support to my clients 24/7 by  Email or Whatsapp, even during the weekend or at night, to my Coachees and the Holis Multimedia Academy students.

Free Ebooks for you

Editorial Press


Life Personal Coaching

Is there anything in your life that doesn’t fit you wishes? A heavy situation which is hunting you? Something you really want to change? A secret wish in your heart you’re dreaming of? 

We can work together in order to better understand the situation and remove all the obstacles, even the mental ones.

Business Coaching

Are you unsatisfied of your business situation? Do you want to change and get out of frustration? Or maybe you have already your dream job but you wish more customers? Do you want to be more successful in your job? We can together implement the working strategies for you, to achieve the aimed results.

Relationship Coaching

Is your emotional situation not working? Thanks to the Professional Love Coaching, we can investigate your emotions matrix and understand why you’re suffering and why you’re feeling so lonely or angry. We can change your inner beliefs coming from your experiences in order to make you live your wished relationship.


Meditations & Inductions

Professional NLP with visualizations, anchors and advanced techniques by Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna to dialogue with your subconscious mind, causing it to bring the desired changes in your life.

To change your habits and improve your life it’s not necessary to force your willpower: it’s much easier for the unconscious to do it for an effective, natural and effortless change.

Holistic Training

Courses of Holistic and Bio-natural Disciplines all accredited by R.E.O.O. – European Register of Holistic Operators. Professional complete courses: Chrystal Therapy, Channeling. 

Other Holistic Courses: Chromo Therapy & Chromo Puncture, Shamanism, Energetic Chelation, Herbal Medicine and more… 

All the Degrees are accredited by R.E.O.O.

Energetic Disciplines

Traditional and Original Reiki Usui. 30 years of experience in Reiki teaching. The program is the same of the live courses. From the 1st level to Master with remote activations. Karuna Courses from the 1st level to Master. All the Courses are certified by R.I.S. – Reiki International School.


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